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What You Should Ask a Tucson Auto Glass Repair Shop

Are the Materials You Use High Quality?

Choosing to use the highest-quality auto glass and urethane can make a big difference in your satisfaction down the road. If the auto glass shop in Tucson uses substandard glass, you may have quality issues and even safety issues. Cloudy or misshapen auto glass indicates that it is substandard, so ask to see the glass before it is installed and point out any blemishes to the Tucson auto glass installer.

What Type of Certification Do Your Tucson Auto Glass Specialists Have?

While nothing mandates that an auto glass repair technician be certified, reputable auto glass shops will nevertheless require that their installers maintain National Glass Association (NGA) certification as well as training/certification in the adhesive used. Our auto glass specialists at TucsonAutoGlass.com have certifications in the Sika Urethane System as well as Master Certifications with the NGA.

Will You Remove the Cowl?

Most people don't know they should ask this question when having a new windshield installed—they don't even know what a cowl is. It's a piece of plastic on your car near the windshield wipers that must be removed for best installation. Before the auto glass installer starts to replace the windshield, ask if he or she will remove the cowl. If he or she is evasive, insist on it—or find a new auto glass repair shop!

Would You Explain What "O.E.E." Really Means?

"O.E.E." stands for "Original Equipment Equivalent." Don't be overly impressed by Tucson auto glass repair businesses that try to impress you with that term; it just means that the glass meets the minimum standard—something that you should expect. You deserve something better than the minimum. The auto glass repair shop should explain pros and cons of the brands they use and justify the one they recommend for your vehicle. Always make certain that the auto glass brand you choose and pay for is the same one they install!

What Type of Warranty Do You Offer?

Most local Tucson auto glass repair shops offer some type of warranty. However, the specifics of the warranty can vary widely depending on the auto glass repair shop you select. Make sure that the repair company explains what is and is not covered, the length of the warranty, and other specifics. Our replacement warranty at TucsonAutoGlass.com covers any defects in the glass or installation problems, such as noise or leaks, following a windshield replacement and is good for as long as you own the car.

If you have any questions about your Tucson auto glass repair or auto glass replacement. Contact Us. We're always glad to help.

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This company was quick and helpful when they replaced our windshield for us.
They contacted our insurance company, helped with filing our claim, responded the same day at the agreed location and time, replaced the windshield quickly, and even made a follow up call to be sure everything was ok! I would recommend them to anyone! —Dawn K.