Your Tucson Auto Glass Repair Questions Answered

Do your auto glass installers hold certifications?

We insist that our auto glass installers maintain National Glass Association (NGA) certification as well as a certification in the Sika Urethane system that we use. Our auto glass technicians are very experienced, with most having several years of experience installing auto glass before they join our team.

Must I use the auto glass repair company recommended by my insurance company?

There's no law that requires you to choose the Tucson auto glass repair company your insurance company mentions. Many times your insurance company and the auto glass company that they recommend have a mutual financial arrangement. You should always choose an auto glass company that is reputable and offers a reasonable price, not necessarily the one your insurance company recommends. The auto glass company that your insurance company refers you to is often the biggest, but is usually not the best. Reading online reviews can be a great way to ensure that the auto glass company you choose has a good history quality and exceptional customer service.

Will I pay more for name-brand auto glass?

Name-brand auto glass is precisely engineered for edge contouring and ocular clarity, which can sometimes increase the price. At, we refuse to purchase inferior brands, but we also buy our quality auto glass in bulk. This means that our prices are typically in line with auto glass companies that buy cheaper auto glass.

What auto glass brands do you use?

At we will use the same auto glass brand that your car manufacturer installed. If we can't use that brand, we will install the best auto glass brand available. We prefer auto glass manufactured by Aptech, Pilkington, Carlite, Mopar, Sekurit, or Carlex.

Do you offer help with submitting a windshield replacement claim to my insurance?

Of course, and we work with all insurance providers, so we're used to the process. We'll do everything from contacting your insurance agent/company to processing your claim. We even offer a $50 rebate if you use your insurance company to cover your windshield replacement. We do, however, need you to mention the rebate offer when you schedule your service.

What type of warranty does offer?

We offer a lifetime warranty, which will cover any defects in the glass itself, as well as any problems you may encounter due to the installation, which includes leaks and air noise.

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Scheduling windshield repair or windshield replacement is easy.

Call us  to schedule your appointment at least 24 hours in advance.

We will come to your location in Tucson and repair or replace the auto glass on the spot. The specialist can complete an auto glass repair or replacement in most cases within an hour.